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HWWB #39 – Angela Counsel: Flying through the treetops in Business

AC Life & Business InsightsThis week Angela is back from her holiday to Cambodia and Vietnam and in this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business she shares a story with you about flying through the treetops. Whilst zip lining above the treetops Angela loses an expensive bracelet and has to makes some big decisions which would challenge her in many ways. These are the same types of decisions that many of you likely have to make every day in business, these are the decisions that you don’t make or the things you procrastinate on because of your fear.

Angela Counsel Zipline photo
Tackling the first (and easiest) suspension bridge

Have a listen to see what happens and learn more about challenging your comfort zone in business today. The outcome of the story is a good one just like your outcome can be if you challenge your fears and overcome them.

Challenge for you – let us know in the comments the one thing that you have been putting off or procrastinating about because of fear. Once you have acknowledged your fear, conquer it and step outside of your comfort zone and let us know what happens, promise that you won’t die.





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