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HWWB #30 – Angela Counsel: The Secret to Running a Successful Business with Angela Counsel

AC Life & Business InsightsEveryone is trying to find the secret to success and let’s be real here, there are so many people selling the secret that there is probably not really any secret except hard work. Well I think that there is one important factor that is often ignored when it comes to growing your business and finding the success that you want, and that factor is – YOU!!!

Having worked as a clinical naturopath for the past 10 years I have seen women who have their own business run themselves into the ground while they try to be everything to everyone. The number of times I hear women as at the beginning of the year “this year will be different, I will take more time for myself” and most cases by the end of the year they are running almost on empty the same as they were the year before. It appears to be a never ending cycle of hard work, neglect and close to burnout. This cycle is not good for your business, for your relationships and definitely not for your health.

Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout is a relatively new term and most Drs will tell you that it doesn’t exist, but speak to someone who has experienced it and they will tell you it doesn’t exist and it is very tough. The path back from adrenal burnout is a long and hard journey, it is my mission to educate women about stress so that they don’t need to take this journey (if you do then I am here to help you come back).

In this episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise I talk all about stress, what it is, how it impacts your business and your health and most importantly I share with you 5 simple things that you can do to start to reverse the impact of stress on your health and on your business and relationships.

Spoiler Alert: The final step that I talk about in this episode is all about having fun. If you are ready to have fun then why not join us for the next Entrepreneur’s Playdate event where we will be having a delicious lunch, slowing down to have some great conversations, meet some other women just like you and having some fun. To find out more and to book your spot click here.

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