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HWWB #29 – Kylie Patchett: Let’s get to know those little voices that are holding you back

HWWB_Episode_28_Kylie_PatchettIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business we catch up with Mindset Coach Kylie Patchett. Kylie introduces us to the ‘nasty pasties’ also known as the little voices inside your head. Kylie has done a great job to identify each of these voice or anti-entrepreneur’s and she describes each one very well. Have a listen to hear whether you identify with any one (or more) of these identities.

During our chat Kylie is very open about her anti-entrepreneur and we even discuss how here last big program launch left her completely depleted for 4 months afterwards. This is a very open and honest conversation and one that has lots of learnings for everyone.

If you are interested in identifying your primary anti-entrepreneur then check it out here

Kylie will be launching her next program in a few weeks, if you are interested in learning more then jump over to Kylie’s website and grab some of her free resources or do the quiz and you will be on her mailing list for when her mindset program launches. You can also join Kylie over on facebook where she runs a private group called Making Friends with Fear. Links are below


Let us know in the comments what anti-entrepreneur that you think you might be? Do you identify with more than one anti-entrepreneur? Let us know what they are.

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