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HWWB #18 – Helen McNall: This week we talk about the other members of the family – pets

HWWB_Episode_18_Helen_McNallToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we meet top dog at Wellbeing for Dogs, Helen McNall! All about caring for dogs, Helen aims to improve how we nourish our dogs, as commercial pet foods can be highly processed and provide suboptimal nutrition. For example, one way to improve a dried food diet is to rehydrate it with water, stock or bone broth, which can also help to prevent obesity.

It is also important to feed them fresh food whenever possible, and to remember that dogs require a variety of foods, including raw bones, and have had a similar diet to humans for centuries. In fact, another way to improve your dog’s diet is to intentionally cook leftovers for yourself, though avoid foods that are toxic to dogs.

For more information, including the ebook The Real Food Revolution – For Dogs!, visit



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