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HWWB #16 – Daryl La’Brooy: Making plans for the future

Episode 16 - Daryl La’BrooyOn this episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we interview the brilliant Daryl La’Brooy, owner of Business Ownership Protection Specialists and author of Business Ownership Bulletproofed!

Daryl is all about making sure you have a plan B and that your business and assets are safe in case of unforseen events such as accidents or changes to your business’ structure. After seeing firsthand the costs that can be involved in exiting a business partner, Daryl emphasises the importance of exit agreements when entering a partnership, as this may even prevent bankruptcy from legal costs.

Today, Daryl also talks about planning that applies to all businesses, such as the importance of building personal wealth and insurance, as well as estate planning.

To purchase a copy of Daryl’s book and view a free chapter, visit



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