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HWWB #12 – Arabelle Yee: We ask the question – is there more?

Episode 12 - Arabelle YeeToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we meet the amazing Arabelle Yee, international speaker, business coach and author of Little Business Book!

Born in once-isolated Burma, Arabelle had always questioned whether there is more to life than where we are now, but after a series of accidents she truly began to ask what her purpose was and transform into the woman she is today.

Among her many clients, she has found that the main block in the road to success is mindset: the idea that it is wrong to monetise your passion, fear of failure and the belief that life must always be a fight are common blocks. However, Arabelle believes in the importance of listening to our own voices, and that we all have the answers within ourselves.







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