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How to Make a Celebration Box

by Angela Counsel


Treasure chest low resYou made it! You’re in the final month of the year. Congratulations!

Gosh, that went quickly didn’t it?

This month, I’m going to be focusing on celebration. It’s so important that we take time out to celebrate our small wins, big wins, sometimes we should just celebrate getting through the day!

One of the tools I use to make sure I pat myself on the back when I reach a goal is the Celebration Box. You can create one now, or start one at the beginning of 2015. It’s basically a little goodie box of celebration ideas.

Here’s how you do it….


1. Buy yourself or make a gorgeous box. Something that you like the look of, something a little more decadent than an old Cornflakes pack! It only needs to be small, just big enough to fit 12 folded pieces of paper. Something about 5cm x 5cm is fine.

2. Sit down and think of 12 different things that you would like as a treat. It could be a massage, kid free time, a new book, taking an hour off work to go shopping, having a facial or a sleep in. I’m sure you can come up with 12 of your own! While these rewards to yourself don’t need to cost a lot of money (or any at all) make sure you put a couple in there that require a bit of a splurge. You can even pre-purchase soem gift vouchers and pop them in too!

3. Fold up your 12 treats and pop them into your Celebration Box.

4. Whenever you reach a goal or have something to celebrate related to YOU, go to your Celebration Box and get your lucky dip on. Close your eyes and reach in and select your special celebratory reward. Your commitment to yourself is that you will do whatever is on the piece of paper. No putting it back and changing it! And no excuses.

5. Do it! Celebrate! Acknowledge to yourself that it is a reward for achieving whatever it is you achieved. And DO NOT FEEL GUILTY for for rewarding yourself and celebrating you.


See? SImple. Think of it as your own little treasure chest of reward goodies.

I’d love to see you guys create your own Celebration Boxes!

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