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How to Have a Healthy Easter

by Angela Counsel


How to Have a Healthy EasterI still can’t quite believe that we’re here. Easter is literally just around the corner and the kids finish up school this week for a couple of weeks. I’m sorry – I thought last week was Christmas!

Today’s post is all about staying healthy during the Easter break. It’s so hard with all of those temptations around. Chocolate eggs, chocolate chickens, chocolate footies, chocolate well anything really! Piles and piles of Hot Cross Buns everywhere you look. And of course that all important time off with your family which can sometimes lead to less activity and more chowing down on food and drink.

Downtime and treating yourself is fantastic. We all need it. But here are my 7 tips on ways to stay on the healthy lifestyle path during Easter.


1. Wholesome indulgence

There are so many fabulous websites and blogs out there now that share deliciously sweet recipes for Easter without all the fake stuff. Check out Deliciously Ella , I Quit Sugar, Quirky Cooking and Super Healthy Kids. There are plenty of more! Feel free to share your favourites.

2. Stay active

Now most of us will probably have a few days off work or if you work from home and run your business, hopefully you’re taking some time out too. While lounging around and relaxing is great, be sure to stay a wee bit active too. Use the extra time off to go for a bush walk with the family, ride a bike, get up to the gym with no time restraints and rushing around, or walk along the beach.

3. Stay in the dark

Everyone knows dark chocolate in moderation is actually quite good for you. If you’re going to chomp on a store bought Easter Egg, try and make it a dark chocolate one.

4. Snack attack

Who else succumbs to those darn packets of little Easter eggs. The eggs are as big as your thumbnail and sooooo easy to quickly snack on. Before you know it you have one, then two, then three, then four……and then the whole packet is gone! Pre-prepare some healthy snacks and pop them in the fridge or cupboard so you’ll be less likely to reach for the tiny temptations.

5. Self care priority

Use this extra time to reboot, re-energise and re-fresh. Baths, walks by yourself, an extra sleep-in, relaxing with the family, turning the laptop off and staying off social media. Give it a try and feel the benefits.


Sending best wishes to your and yours for a safe, happy and healthy Easter.


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