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How to Get Out of a Rut: The Final Puzzle Piece

by Angela Counsel


Heart shaped jigsaw puzzle with missing pieceWhen I first started in clinical practice I operated from a very science-based place. I knew why herbs and nutrients worked, and the effect they had on the body. I understood the body systems and the detailsed chemical reactions that happened on a cellular level.

I know. Science-ey right?

Everything I knew and practiced came from very strong science grounding. It was how I had been taught. I didn’t have much time for what I believed to be ‘woo woo’ energetic healing. At the time I believed that energetic healers were giving natural therapists a bad name.

And of course, now I don’t think that at all. Why?

Because I noticed some clients who, despite me doing everything I knew, just never. seemed. to. get. better.

Their cases would be relatively straightforward with no serious issues, but they were continually telling me everything that was wrong with them. I would point out the improvements they were making and they would reply with yet another symptom!

And then I worked it out. I had my own mini-epiphany. The reason why some clients responded really quickly and some didn’t was because of their sub-conscious mind.

I started looking into this side of things a bit more. Perhaps this was the missing piece of the holistic puzzle. That’s when I found the Lifeline Technique. You can read about my experience with it here. It’s basically a form of emotional kinesiology.

I was not prepared for how LifeLine Technique made me feel on a physical and emotional level. I felt absolutely fantastic after just one session and over the next few days I really noticed a shift in the way I thought about myself and my life.

The missing puzzle piece!

So this is what it made me realise about my clients. One of the reasons some of them didn’t get any better was because they were expecting me to fix them, and I fix no one except myself. When a client continually tells me everything is wrong with them, they stay in the same place and will continue to create a life of pain and suffering. Remember I talked about the pain-body a few weeks ago? It’s the same sort of thing.

Since finding the LifeLine Technique, i have continued to study and learn more about quantum physics, vibrational energy, mindset techniques and so much more.

I use these techniques with my clients now. It means that when we’re working together to get them to the lifestyle they deserve and the lifestyle they want so much, we are looking at everything. The business side, vision, values, the physical health, the management of stress and mindset.

All gorgeous pieces of the puzzle that only when connected together create a complete and final picture for you to stand back and admire.

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