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How is your Busyness?

by Angela Counsel
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This month the theme is organisation. How to get your mindset and life organised and de-cluttered. The less clutter you have physically AND mentally AND emotionally, the more space you have for all the good stuff. New stuff, creative stuff, stuff that you would never have thought of because there simply wasn’t any space for it.

So tell me this. How often when someone asks you how you are going, do you answer with “Busy” ?

Everyone is busy.  Busy seems to be a label that we are proud to wear. Do we think that if we’re not busy, then we’re not working hard enough?

But ask yourself this? Does busy mean productive?  Are you getting things done in your life or your business?  I know that sometimes I use busyness as an excuse not to do things that I don’t want to do.  It is a great tool for procrastinating.

For a long time in my business I was so busy doing everything that I got nothing done and I know I am not the only one. Many of my clients experience the same thing.  Speaking to a new client yesterday, she said she was apprehensive about working with a coach because she was already busy and didn’t want more things to do.  I assured her that my role wasn’t to give her more work to do but to help her focus on what was important so that she could stop being busy, with unimportant tasks.

One of the best ways to get rid of busyness is to have a clear picture of where you are going and what you are aiming to achieve.  When you know what is important to you then you can let go of the other things that are filling your time.

So, take these three steps towards pulling back on the busyness:


  • Take some time to see how you are filling up your time. Spend the next 2 days writing down everything you do.
  • Start Prioritising. Have a listen to the podcast I did on How to Prioritise by clicking here.
  • Get delegating. Hand some tasks over, say no to things that aren’t important and stop wasting time on meaningless things.


If you do this, do you know what will happen?

Next time someone asks you how are you going, instead of automatically responding with a sigh and an “Oh, so busy” you’ll stop yourself and say “I am doing really well thank you”.

Let’s all stop being so busy and start enjoying our lives!!!

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