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GUEST POST: Are you thin enough yet?

Guest post by Kemi Nekvapil


Kemi NekvapilHealth is indeed wealth, but the definition of health in the modern day has come to mean many things for women.

One of the biggest lies we have been told as women is that health equals thin and young.

So we pursue thinness and demonise ageing at the expense of our self-esteem, self-worth and self-love.

It seems that the more we women try and ‘fix’ what we perceive is ‘wrong’ with us, the more discontented and disempowered we become, which leads to more ‘fixing’.

As we get older there is even more ‘fixing’ to do, and this mass self-loathing of ourselves feeds multi-billion dollar industries, from diets to plastic surgery.

As we are duped into chasing the ‘ideal’ we spend our precious energy, mental space and resources with no real gain but the feeling of not be quite good enough, yet.

But what if our beauty does not come from our dress size, is not found in a jar and does not come from a surgical procedure? Where does our beauty come from?

What if it comes from something that empowers us instead of disempowers us and comes from a place where we are not broken or wrong and therefore we do not need to be fixed?

When we can each shift our view of what true health, wellbeing and beauty look like, we can begin to empower ourselves to make better choices and take more nourishing and sustainable actions.

When we women as a community can shift our collective view on beauty and then take steps to honour and nourish it in each other, we begin to erode what we are being told and therefore being sold. We can begin to celebrate that our beauty comes from who we are and the actions we choose to take for ourselves and for each other.

If we are not broken and do not need fixing and we are beautiful as we are, we can choose to take steps towards enriching the lives we already have so that we can make a difference on the planet in a meaningful and beautiful way.

We can also be the model for our daughters, so that they have a deep knowing and experience what empowering beauty looks like.


Raw Beauty Cover Low resKemi Nekvapil is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty. She believes a woman’s unique beauty comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take. As a speaker, coach and author, Kemi has worked in the wellness industry for more than 20 years. A pioneer of raw food in Australia and an international speaker, Kemi runs events and retreats that transform the lives of women. Click here to read more about Kemi. 

I also did a podcast interview with Kemi as part of the Secret Mum’s Business Podcast Interview series. You can listen to it here

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