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Going Up? The Perfect Elevator Pitch

by Angela Counsel


Going up elevator low resI speak at many networking events. I even run my own network and one of the things I find that terrifies most people is when they have to give their elevator pitch.  You know when you are given 30-60 seconds to say something about you and your business?

This is the perfect time to really let people know what you do and why you do it, but many people don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Some people quickly mumble “my name is Dora and I am an accountant” and others ramble on for five minutes boring everyone.

There is an art to delivering the perfect pitch that has others interested and wanting to know more.

Here is the formula I have learnt to use and the formula that gets me results.

The first thing to remember is that a pitch is only designed to get someone’s interest and invite them to take the next step with you.  If you think of a pitch like when you first meet someone, you don’t ask to jump into bed with someone before the first date (well not before you say hello first!).  Your first contact is generally about sharing information about yourself and then if you both like each other you will talk about a first date.

Pitching is the same, it is always about getting someone to the next step.


1. Clarity

This provides the listener with a clear and brief understanding of what you do. There are 3 parts to this step

  1. What industry are you in? This allows people to ‘pigeon hole’ you
  2. What do you that’s special?
  3. Who is your ideal client?

EG “My name is Angela, I am a Naturopath and I love working with women who run their own business who are struggling with work life balance.”


2. Credibility

Why should someone choose you over someone else? This is the chance to talk about your experience or qualifications.

EG “Having worked with hundreds of women over the past 10 years I know the impact of long term stress on women’s health and well-being.”


3. Problem

Clearly state your ideal clients top 3 problems.

EG “I have found that many women in business have 3 things in common. They are stressed and overwhelmed, juggling many different responsibilities and struggling to grow successful businesses which causes them to feel like a failure.”

Verbalising these problems with your pitch audience, cause them to disconnect from their business, their family and from themselves.


4. Solution

Tell them how you solve the problem of your ideal client?

EG “Knowing these problems I created the Secret Mums Business Experience, which is designed to reconnect women back to their true purpose in life, reduce their stress and grow a successful business.”


The above pitch should take you about 30-60 seconds to deliver.  If you have more time you can include your “why” and what the next steps you want someone to take.

Spend some time practicing your pitch until it becomes second nature to you and you can deliver it with confidence.  Have you perfected your pitch?  Feel free to share it below.

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