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Freedom of Choice: Flying With the Birds

by Angela Counsel


Hummingbirds low resI was recently at a Mindset seminar working as part of the crew.  The theme of the entire 3 day seminar was freedom and the presenter had something special planned to finish the weekend.  This was a surprise for the attendees but I knew what was happening.  I was asked to meet the special ‘surprise’ in the hotel foyer and then bring them to the room once everyone had gone to lunch.  I had never met this person before and I realised later I had a pre-conceived idea of who I was expecting to show up.

When a scruffy looking man arrived with long scraggly hair, looking a bit like an untidy surfer to be honest I immediately thought that’s not who I could be waiting to meet.  If I had passed this man on the street I would likely have looked at him and dismissed him as someone that I wouldn’t be able to connect to.  These were my judgements about someone I had never even met, and I thought I was a fairly non-judgemental person.

The universe always likes to prove you wrong, doesn’t it?

The person I met and spoke to was absolutely amazing.  When I met him I could see into his heart and what I found was absolutely amazing.

You see this man’s name was Paul and he was a bird trainer and he told me that he has hundreds of birds on his property on the Gold Coast.  Some of these birds are native Australian birds and others are exotic birds from other countries.  Some birds he has bred, others have been given to him and some he brings in from overseas.  What I saw was someone who was totally in love with his birds.

I had to jump in his truck to show him where to park and on the floor of the passenger side of the car was a baby eagle.  Paul bought him along for the ride so that he could get used to travelling and being with people.  We were lucky to have 2 macaws at our event, these birds were absolutely stunning.

I watch Paul cuddling his birds as if they were a pet or a child, they snuggled into his chest and gave him small pecks (kisses) on his neck.  Paul rubbed them under the neck and told us that the bird would stay there all day getting cuddles if it could.  You could see the love between this man and his birds.

Paul shared his story and how he trained the birds to fly and told us that his greatest joy is to watch the birds fly up into the clouds and be free.  While Paul does have cages for his birds, they are very large cages and they are used primarily to keep predators out rather than the birds in.

Paul often just let’s his birds fly free, but the birds always come back.

Maybe it’s because they know that food that is available.

Maybe it’s because they know they have a safe haven with Paul.

Maybe it’s because he has such a strong heart connection that these ‘wild’ birds always come back.

All living creatures crave love, but we often live in fear and this causes stress and pain in our lives.  Love is such a safe, warm and comforting place to be, why do we choose anything else?  The birds know better.

Paul opened my eyes to what freedom really means, freedom is the choice to fly away but it is also the choice to return to safety, love and peace.

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