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Food and the 7 Chakras

by Angela Counsel

Seven Chakras low res

For the past month, I have been focusing on the important role food plays in our wellbeing.

That’s why the blog posts for this month have been all about the connection between food and our chakras.

Here are the seven posts all in one spot so it’s easy for you to find and have a read through. Just click on the blog post titles and the magic of the interwebs will take you straight there 🙂


1. How to Feed your Root Chakra

2. How to Feed your Sacral Chakra

3. How to Feed your Solar Plexus Chakra

4. How to Feed your Heart Chakra

5. How to Feed your Throat Chakra

6. How to Feed your Third Eye Chakra

7. How to Feed your Heart Chakra

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