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FOOD AND CHAKRAS #1 : How to Feed our Root Chakra

by Angela Counsel

Chakra with blue sky and bird BG low resI’m sure you’ve heard of the term Chakra. But do you know what a Chakra is?

Chakras are energy centres in your body that allow energy to flow. Imbalances in chakras can lead to ill-health. Chakra flow or blockages are affected by lots of different things – our thoughts, beliefs, actions and even the food we eat.

Optimum health comes when all chakras are in harmony with each other and the body. That’s where we want to get to.

So this month, as we are focusing on Food, I’ll be sharing 7 posts (for our 7 Chakras) on what food to eat to get the energy centres in our bodies lined up and working in harmony.

This week, let’s talk about the Root Chakra.

REPRESENTS: Grounding and protection

LOCATION: Base of the spine


  • Represents boundaries and support in our lives
  • Responsible for body systems that provide physical structure
  • Associated with joints, bones, muscles, legs and feet
  • Keeps balance between internal defences (immune system) and external defences (skin)
  • Oversees activity of adrenal glands which controls our ‘fight or flight’ mode.


What we want to do is connect to our body’s inner wisdom. Think about what your body is telling you every time you go to eat something? What food does your body actually need? Listen to your body. What food makes you feel ‘grounded’? Remember, the root chakra is about grounding and protection.

Do you eat when you feel unsafe? Do you hide behind food? Check in with your body on food choices. What emotions kick in when you are eating or just before you eat?

The Root Chakra is about belonging to a tribe. Does social eating cause you distress?


  • Eat protein rich foods such as eggs and beans. It brings us back to nature. It grounds us and is required for all structural parts of the body.
  • Minerals such as calcium provide structure and stability
  • Root vegies grown with the earth embody the Root Chakra. Think carrots, potatoes, parsnips etc.
  • Root Chakra vibrates to colours, so red foods work well
  • Red foods are generally high in vitamin C which is great for our immune systems, skin, bones and adrenals.

Sounds quite simple when you break it down like that, doesn’t it? Next post, I’ll talk about eating habits and foods to focus on to increase the flow of your Sacral Chakra.

Infinite Love and Gratitude.

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