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How to feel grounded in today’s turbulent world

I am hearing from many women that they are being emotionally impacted by the current world events.  As the media brings things that are happening into our everyday life it can be easy to get caught up in the emotional turmoil.  I hear the voices of fear, uncertainty, sadness, anger and even hopelessness that this will ever change.  For some women they are even experiencing physical manifestation of these emotions.  I have been one of these women in the past, I have also experienced these emotions.

This is why I decided to record the following video where I share 3 things that helped me to move away from the feelings that I was experiencing to a place where I know that everything will be okay and change is coming.  If  you don’t have time to watch the video I have written a summary below.


Summary of Video

About 12mths ago after yet another incident in Europe where innocent people were killed I felt fear and hopelessness about what was  happening in the world.  I was angry that this could come into my world and mostly I felt unbelievable sadness and this sadness was impacting the way I felt on both an emotional and physical level.  Using the 3 tips that I am going to share today I was able to find a place where I could accept the emotions I was feeling but they didn’t impact me on such a physical level.  I was able to view the world events through a lens of gratitude and love.

Tip 1

There is a Chinese proverb that goes a little like this –

“There was an old  monk who was on his death bed who shared a story.  He said I wanted to change the world, to teach the world how to live in peace but the world didn’t want to hear.  So I decided to change my country, to teach my country how to change but my country didn’t want to hear.  Then I thought I could change my province, this would be easier but my province didn’t want to hear.  Then I thought I would change my village, bu my village didn’t want to change.  I thought that I could really change my family but I also found that my family wasn’t ready for change.  I now that I lie here on my death bed I realise that all I needed to do was change myself.”

This proverb taught me a lot, here I was feeling the emotions for what was happening on the other side of the world.  I knew that changing the actions of the people performing these acts was not within my capability but I could change the way in which I was reacting.  By reacting with an emotion of fear and anger I was emitting a vibration to others of fear and anger, this vibration would continue to grow and impact others.  If I changed my reaction to one of gratitude and love I would transmit this higher vibration and more people would feel gratitude and love, and maybe that vibration might just change the actions of one person.  So my first step in healing was to consciously choose to act in love and gratitude rather than react in fear and anger.

Step 2

The next step for me to create change and live the life that I want is to ask myself an important question –  “Would I ever consciously choose to feel sad, angry, hopelessness, uncertainty or fear”.  The answer to this question is always a big fat NO from me, why would I choose this.  So if I am not choosing it but it is happening I know from my learnings that this is a sub-conscious reaction.

By identifying that I wouldn’t consciously choose to feel this way, I opened my heart to the way I desire to feel.  By doing this I was able to create an intention for the type of person I desired to be using the words “I am ………”.  Try this yourself, listen to your heart.  What does your heart desire to feel?  Place the words “I am” in front of the emotion of your heart and repeat the statement with your hand on your heart.  You can also use the words Infinite Love and Gratitude after your “I am” statement.

Step 3

The quickest and easiest way for me to feel better and to ground myself is to go outside into nature.  When you look at nature you can see the concept of change so clearly.  As nature goes through change, and sometimes this can be quite turbulent times, at the other end comes beauty and peace.  We are a part of nature and by reconnecting to the power of nature you will find the ability to see the world in a different way.

Action Step

For many women who are feeling this uneasy feeling it is coming from a Root Chakra that is resonating with the emotions of fear and feelings of being unsafe.  To support your root chakra you can take the following actions:

– wear red clothes

– keep a red crystal nearby, some of the best crystals for the root chakra are ruby, garnet, red calcite or obsidian

– eat red foods e.g. strawberries, beetroots, apples, kidney beans, tomatoes, capsicums and root vegetables

– The Root Chakra is all about “I am….” repeat the “I am” statement that you created in step 2 on a daily basis to ground yourself back to who you really are.


Infinite Love and Gratitude

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