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Fat Bomb Jellies – A Great Snack

Fat Bomb JelliesI was looking for a healthy snack that was easy to make and had plenty of healthy fats in it and I came across this one on the Quirky Cooking blog.  The original recipe was created by Fouad Kassab and I have made a couple of changes but they still taste great.  I have these in my fridge all of the time now and when I am looking for a quick snack I grab a couple of them to keep me satisfied until my next meal.

The colour of these fat bombs comes from beetroot and they are full of almonds and other healthy fats.  The best thing is that you can’t taste the beetroot or the almonds, even my kids eat these and they don’t know how healthy they are for them (don’t tell them or they will stop eating them).  Have a try and see if you like them.

PS I use a thermomix to make these but I am sure you can use any food processor and stove top.


100gm almonds

25gm beetroot

180ml water

100gm honey/coconut syrup

3 tblspn gelatin (I use Changing Habits Gelatin, you can purchase some here)

100gm butter


  1. line a 20cmx20cm baking dish with baking paper
  2. add your almonds and beetroot to your thermomix 10sec/sp 4
  3. add water and blend 30sec/sp7, scrape down sides of bowl
  4. add honey and gelatin powder, blend 20secs/sp6
  5. add butter and cook for 6 minutes 80C/sp2
  6. mix 15secs/sp8, scrape down sides
  7. pour mix into baking tray and refrigerate for at least 1 hour
  8. slice into small bite size pieces

Recipe Credit – Fouad Kassab originally found on the Quirky Cooking Blog

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