Entrepreneur's Playdate 
"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun"
When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?
Put your hand up if:

- You can't remember the last time you had proper fun
- You always put the needs of your business and family first, and your needs are just an afterthought
- You've got lots of things on the go and find it hard to juggle everything
- You're feeling flat, exhausted and burnt out
- You know you're not a fun person to be around anymore

Luckily for you, you're in the right place!
The Entrepreneur's Playdate is the ideal way to inject some fun, laughter and spirit back into your life.

Ready to get your mojo back?
Who am I?
I'm Angela Counsel, Naturopath and Life Coach
I know women who aren't having any FUN in their lives are probably also suffering brain fog, sleepless nights, sugar cravings, weight gain and mental exhaustion.  They're more likely suffering from adrenal burnout, and this has a negative impact on their businesses, relationships and health.
I've helped hundreds of women take control of their health and mindset and re-ignite their inner power, and I've seen their happiness levels and businesses blossom as a result.  Come and join us at the Entrepreneur's Playdate and I'll help you move from exhausted and drained to happy and recharged.
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Remember the last time you went out with friends and had a really good belly laugh with tears rolling down your cheeks?  You had so much fun, giggled until you snorted and truly connected with people.  And for the short amount of time you were out, there was nothing to stress about?

How great did it feel when you got home on a high and those happy feelings lasted throughout the weekend, and you thought, "I really should do that more often!"?

But here's the problem - you don't do it more often. Because organising a catch up with friends is just another chore to add to your never-ending-to-do list that week.  It gets moved to the bottom of the list and you never do anything about it.

The beauty of the Entrepreneur's Playdate is everything is organised for you.  All you have to do is buy a ticket and show up.  THe venue has been booked, food prepared, company arranged and a super fun activity organised.

The Entrepreneur's Playdate is perfect for you if:
- You want to meet up with like-minded people but can't be bothered organising anything
- You feel like you don't have any time for yourself, or you neglect yourself
- You know it's important to look after yourself so you can perform at your best
- You promise yourself you'll do something  for YOU but you never get around to doing anything

Whilst you will meet other business women, it's not a networking event.  It's a time for you to step away from work for an afternoon, relax, revitalise and remind yourself how good it feels to have some fun!

I'm a Mum and run several different businesses.  I've been in your position.  I've experience burnout and have lived to tell the tale!  In my book Secret Mum's Business, I talk about how important it is for women to go on a date with themselves regularly.

But do we do it? No! That's why I created the hugely popular Entrepreneur's Playdate.
The Entrepreneur's Playdate takes you out of "work mode" and into "playful mode", and this does incredible things for your outlook on life!
"Great to get out, especially on a Friday, away from work and connect with other souls for some fun whilst nurturing myself and enjoying much needed self-care" Kathy Wong (Moeloco.com)

What is the Entrepreneur's Playdate?
The Entrepreneur's Playdate is a monthly event where you'll:
- Have a delicious, healthy lunch and drink and receive a surprise welcome gift
- Get involved in a fun activity.  The details of the activity every month are kept a secret until you arrive.  This add to the excitement and anticipation, making the day even more fun!
- Meet other women in business also looking to get some fun and excitement back in their lives
- Have some great conversation, laugh, and as a bonus you might make some wonderful new business connections
- Learn from me about how to take better care of yourself so your business is better as a result


With a different (and top secret!) fun activity planned every month you'll rediscover your inner child, laugh until you cry and learn how to have fun again.

Running a solo business can be lonely.  Come and make some strong new connections that will support you in your business and personal life.

When you're having fun and feel connected, you're more likely to have meaningful, life changing conversations.  Support yourself and others at the same time. 
"Full of fun, creativity, companionship the Entrepreneur's Playdate is a must for anyone serious about putting creativity and passion back into their business" Kimberly Manning (Rapid Results Life Coaching)
The Next Entrepreneur's Playdate 
The venue and secret activity for each Entrepreneur's Playdate changes each month, because variety is the spice of life!

Date - Friday August 12th, 2016
Time - 11:30am - 2:15pm
Location - Cromer Heights (address will be advised closer to the date)
What's Included - Welcome gift, a complementary drink, a healthy lunch, a fun workshop, real conversations, connections and fun!

Ready to reduce your stress levels, recharge and take some time out for yourself?
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  • One ticket to the next Entrepreneur's Playdate event
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"Great to connect in a relaxed environment and do an activity that I would never have done" Trudy Simmons (The Daisy Chain Group)
Say no to stress and overwork and yes to some play time!

Frequently asked questions
How many women are there at each event?
The maximum number of guests we have each month is capped at 25 due to the intimate venues we choose.  This means you'll get a chance to talk to everyone and you won't get lost in the crowd

What kind of food is served?
The venues we choose all serve delicious, healthy food and they are always able to cater for vegetarians and those with common food intolerances.  If you have a particular dietary requirement, please let me know when you book and I'll make sure that your needs are looked after.

What if I can't attend an event after I have booked?
The venues we choose all serve delicious, healthy food, and they are always able to cater or vegetarians and those with common food intolerances.  If you have a particular dietary requirement, please let me know when you book and I'll make sure that your needs are looked afterIf you're unable to attend an event, your ticket can be transferred to someone else who needs a little more fun in their lives.  No refunds are given.

If I buy a bulk pack, do I have to attend 5 consecutive events?
Yes, the bulk packs are intended for you to attend 5 events in a row.  This is because I want you to make the commitment to investing some time and love into yourself! If you are unable to attend one of the events, you can transfer your ticket to someone else.

If I buy a bulk pack, how do I organise my podcast interview?
Once your order form has been received you will be sent an email to complete a podcast interview form.  After you have completed and returned this form your interview time will be booked and you will be notified of the next steps from then.

If you're still not sure if the Entrepreneur's Playdate is right for you and would like to know more, please send your questions to angela@angelacounsel.com
If you would be kept in the loop about future events in Sydney and around Australia complete your details in the form and I will let you know of events happening in your area.
"Enjoy your life, you only get one chance at it"
Angela Counsel, Author Secret Mums Business
We value your privacy ,your details will not be shared with any third party 
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