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Do You Know Your Zone of Genius?

by Angela Counsel


Woman with Bright Idea low resDo you know your zone of genius?

Everyone has a zone of genius, but so many people are not working within their genius zone and this is causing business and lifestyle stress.

Laura Garnett coined the term “Zone of Genius” and she says it is “where your greatest passion meets your innate talent”.

There are many things that you are good at, but not everything you do lights you up.  When you spend so much time doing mundane tasks, you can often feel bored and resentful leading to a loss of motivation.  In the long run this will not only affect your business but it will affect your entire life.

When you are working in your genius zone you will be so passionate about what you are doing it won’t feel like work and often you will spend hours doing the things that spark your passion.  The more you work in your zone of genius the more you will attract people who just want to work with you.

Your passion will shine through in everything you do.  Your business will grow without much effort from you.


Unfortunately it isn’t always that easy, many people aren’t able to tap into what really lights them up.  Often they have been told as they grew up that they can’t make money by doing what they are passionate about, so they took the first available job that came along and forgot about their zone of genius.

If there is something that you are passionate about then guaranteed there are other people in the world who are also passionate about the same thing. These people would be prepared to pay to learn more from you if you positioned yourself as an expert in the area.


Ask yourself what are you so passionate about, you might need to go back to your childhood.  Make a list of the things that you love to do.  Things you spend your money on, things that you love doing and would do all the time if you could.

When I did this exercise I realised that I loved to educate others, I loved speaking (and I was good at it) and I really loved making a difference in other people’s lives.  This is what led me to change my business to one where I could be in my zone of genius most of the time.

Once you are clear on your zone of genius your business will boom as you start to attract people who want what you have to share and these people will be prepared to pay you what you are worth to be part of your community.

Have you found your zone of genius? Or are you still looking?

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