2 hour Breakthrough and Clarity Session (life and mindset clarity)

On your 2 hour Breakthrough and Clarity Session you will get clear on what your core values are and create the vision for what you want to create in your life and your business.  You will also set your 12 months goals to move you towards creating your vision.

So many women are living life and running a business according to someone else’s values.  When you hear yourself saying – should, I need to or I have to – then you know that you are not in alignment with your values.  When you are talking about your values you will be using the words – I love to, I am passionate about, it is my heart’s desire, I choose to.

During your call you will also start to recognise the limiting beliefs that you have that might be holding you back, or causing you stress.  I will give you some tools to help you clear those beliefs and create new beliefs around what you want in your life and your business.

By the time you finish your call, not only will your brain be running at a million miles an hour with all of the new ideas you have, you will have clarity and a plan to move forward with.

Ahhh that word – CLARITY!!  It just sounds peaceful, no more wondering whether you are doing the right thing.  You will be doing exactly what you were meant to be doing.


2hr Clarity & Breakthrough Session $495

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