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BOOK REVIEW: Crazy Mummy Syndrome by Llew Dowley

by Angela Counsel 


CMS Book CoverThe journey through early parenthood is often not what you had expected, but what happens  when the impact is worse than you ever imagined?

Crazy Mummy Syndrome is Llew Dowley’s story of post natal depression and anxiety.  Llew never imagined that the sight of her children would trigger a panic attack, she never thought that she would feel depressed about being a Mum. After all, this is something that she wanted so very much.

Crazy Mummy Syndrome is a real story of a real mother’s journey through her depression and anxiety and how she realised the key to being the type of Mum she had dreamt about was looking after herself first.

The amazing part of Llew’s story is that very few people know what she was going through. On the outside she looked like she had it ‘all together”.  The biggest part of Llew’s healing process was her ‘coming out’ and telling her friends and work mates about what was happening and at the same time committing to raise funds for the Black Dog Institute.

Llew’s aim is to inspire others in stepping out from behind their depression and looking after themselves so that they can be the best they can be.  As I read this book I cried, I laughed but most of all I felt the words that Llew had written.  This is a fantastically well written book and I highly recommend it to anyone whether you suffer from depression or not.

For more information about Crazy Mummy Syndrome or to purchase a copy please visit . You can also listen to the podcast I recorded with Llew on my Secret Mums Business website here.

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