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What is the best diet to achieve optimal weight?

Salad BowlLet me answer the question about the best diet and then we can move on.  The answer is that there is NO single best diet!  I am sure that if you have reached the age of 45 years or beyond then you have likely experimented with more than one diet in your lifetime and you would have a good idea of what does and doesn’t work for your body.  There is no single diet that works for everyone but there are some healthy concepts that will have your body functioning at an optimal level.

So what do you do if you get to that age where it seems easier to store a few kgs than it is to shift it?  When women reach peri-menopause quite often their metabolism slows down and they start to notice a little bit of extra weight around their tummy.  Some of you might try a radical diet like a Juice Fast to drop a kgs very quickly, but you notice that the weight doesn’t shift as fast as it did in the past.  There is a reason for this – your hormones.

Living in today’s world brings us high levels of stress, exposure to hormone altering chemicals and lower nutrient dense food.  All of these things contribute to a shift in hormones which cause your body to lower its metabolism and to hold onto extra weight as a protective mechanism.  Ideally the time to correct these issues is about 10 years prior to entering into the peri-menopause stage of your life.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t start to think about this until we are in the middle of our physical transition to menopause and we notice the extra kilos we are holding on to.

There are a few different factors which can cause you to hold onto excess weight:

  • Eating too much and too often
  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not exercising enough to utilise the food they are eating
  • Your thyroid is not working optimally, this requires further investigation and possibly some treatment
  • You are highly stressed, a body which is stressed will hold onto weight particularly around the waist
  • You are peri-menopausal or menopausal, the shift in hormones can make it harder to lose weight

As you can see there are many different reasons for why your body won’t release excess weight.

I strongly recommend that you don’t try the latest diet fad to reduce weight quickly because they don’t work in the long term.  If you restrict your food intake too much your body will go into a stress response (thinking that it is starving) and will slow your metabolism down even further as it holds onto as much fat as it can.  This is a basic survival mechanism for the body.

Before I give you some suggestions for what you can do, let me explain the process of how the body loses weight and why your bathroom scales are not the best thing to use to measure fat loss.  In most weight loss programs the body releases weight in the following order:

  • Water
  • Muscle
  • Fat

It is because of this order of loss that many women seem to rebound after a diet, they often have only lost water and maybe some muscle but the fat still remains.  There is a way to change this order around a little and that is to follow what is called a ketogenic way of eating.  Or you may have heard about Low Carb, High Fat which is similar to a Ketogenic Eating Plan.  A ketogenic eating plan trains the body to use fat as its energy source rather than carbohydrates, and the key nutrient for making this happen is protein.

I am not saying that a Ketogenic eating plan is the answer for everyone, it isn’t and it is certainly not easy to adapt this way of eating.

I believe the best way to achieve optimal health and weight is to connect to what your body requires, stop listening to what everyone is saying and following a lifestyle eating plan that will nourish your body and work in your life.  Following the 5 essential Acts of Self Love will not only help you achieve your ideal weight, you will also feel great while doing it

  • Eat a diet based on whole foods, which include a variety of protein, fats, lots of veges and a small amount of unprocessed wholegrains
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water each day, more on very hot days and when you exercise
  • Move daily, it doesn’t have to be strenuous exercise just get moving on a regular basis
  • Get enough sleep, your body requires 7-8hrs of good quality sleep to repair and recover
  • Own your power, take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions and show gratitude daily

It isn’t really much harder than this, of course make sure that you get your hormones and thyroid checked out but once you know they are all working properly it is simply a matter of following the Essential Acts of Self-Love each day.

If you struggle to maintain these better habits on a long term basis then you might need a bit of help uncovering some of your sub-conscious beliefs that might be causing you to self-sabotage.  This is where the LifeLine Technique can make fantastic difference in your thoughts and actions.  You can find out more about the LifeLine Technique here.



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