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Being With What Is

by Angela Counsel 


Woman with Sunset low resThis month is National Mental Health Week falls on 5 – 12 October. The NSW government is running Mental Health Month and the 10th of October is World Mental Health Day. It’s really important we take care of our mental health. The connection between our mind and our physical health is strong.

So this month, I’m going to focus most of my online content on emotional and mental wellness, starting with a lesson I learnt from something that was taking up unecessary heartspace and mindspace.

A few months ago I had an experience which was very upsetting for me.  I believed that something had been taken from me unfairly.  Because I believe that there is always something to learn out of every experience, I started looking for the learnings or at least something positive form the situation.  As much as I tried I couldn’t, I had a big block with this experience.  I used all of the tools that I had to clear the emotion that I had around this experience. Nothing worked.

Then I spoke to my coach and mentor about it and she said to me “what if there is no other meaning, what if there was nothing to learn?”  I looked at her as if she had two heads. Of COURSE there had to be a lesson or other meaning.  I mean that’s what happens, isn’t it?  We give an experience meaning. This is what causes stress and when we change the meaning we clear the emotion and clear the stress.  How can there be no meaning?

I spent the next few months trying to find another meaning or lesson from the situation.  It continued to come to mind on a regular basis and I still held a lot of emotion around it.  I was angry, confused and disappointed and nothing I did seemed to change the way I feel.

This weekend I realised that sometimes there is no other meaning and there is no lesson to learn.  Now that I’ve accepted there is no other meaning, I feel peaceful.

There is no emotion because there is no meaning.

Sometimes it is easier to accept things just as they are, or as Byron Katie says “Loving what is”.

Have you had this experience too?

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