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An Upset Tummy: Why it’s your body’s alarm bell


We know stress can have physical, mental and emotional impacts on us. We’ve all felt those impacts at one time or another.

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced nausea, constipation, lost appetite, diarrhoea, that feeling that you could throw up any second and bloating? Or maybe you feel as though your tummy is tight and ‘in knots’.

This is your body telling you are stressed and that its time to do something about it. Pronto!

Because your tummy is your second brain and so intrinsically linked with your moods and mental wellbeing, it is one of the places that really takes on long term stress.

Failure to manage your stress can lead to chronic illness.

Stress affects your ability to digest food properly. If you do eat while you are stressed your food isn’t properly digested. That’s because part of the stress response is to move blood away from the gut to more important organs like the heart, legs and arms – to run away from the threat.

When you don’t digest your food properly, you don’t get the nutrients your body needs and when you don’t get the right nutrients your body stresses even further.

Hmmmmm….. vicious cycle, yes? Unless you do something about it.

Your tummy is your alarm bell and when it rings out in distress, it’s time to listen and get proactive about your stress levels.

Here are some links to some blog posts I have written about stress management. Click away and make a difference to the way you live your life and the impact it has on your body.

  1. Understand what is causing the stress 
  2. Use essential oils to minimise stress 
  3. Pull back on the caffeine and make the switch to herbal tea 
  4. Live a life of gratitude
  5. Practice mindfulness and the art of living in the moment 
  6. Take on low intensity exercise such as walking, yoga and pilates 
  7. Manage your sleep patterns
  8. Make smart nutritional choices 
  9. Recite affirmations at busy times and believe them 


I am so passionate about helping women live their absolute best life and I see so many women suffer from stress which creates barriers to them living that happy joyful life they really want.

Once we get our stress levels on control, everything else seems to fall into place. You will be more mindful, present, healthy and happy. I promise.

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