7 Day D

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Welcome to your 7 Day Detox Challenge.  This challenge will officially launch on January 10th and run for 7 days but you are free to start and finish whenever you like.  This is a program that I encourage you to do at least twice and year for a minimum of 21 days.

The idea around the 7 Day Detox Challenge is to give your digestive system and liver a bit of a rest from some of the food and lifestyle choices that you might have been making.  When you continue to eat foods that your body can’t process efficiently and expose your liver to toxins you will start to feel a bit sluggish and run down.  This 7 day program is a small part of my 28 day Kickstart to Optimal Health program which focuses on many different aspects of your health and well-being.

I will be sending you emails every couple of days with some additional tips and encouragement to keep you on track.  I will also post in the facebook page on a daily basis and will answer any questions that you have in there.  Please feel free to share with others any tips that you have for staying on track.

I have written a short booklet with all of the information that you will need to get started on your 7 Day Detox Challenge. You can access your booklet by clicking the link below.

The Legalese Stuff

Before you download your 7 Day Detox Challenge booklet it is important to understand that this is purely an educational program there is no treatment involved in this program.  This program is not a substitute for individual health advice. Please consider your own personal health goals and limitations before undertaking any health program. If you have any issues or illnesses, please seek approval from your health professional before making changes to your diet.

By downloading the 7 Day Detox Challenge booklet you are indicating that you are doing so with a full understanding of the intent of the challenge and that you accept full responsibility for any changes that you implement as a result of undertaking this program.

Click the link 7 Day Detox Challenge Booklet to download your booklet

Bonus Webinar

I have had a few questions over the course of the 7 Day Detox Challenge and a few people have wanted to know how they can keep feeling great.  So I decided to run a bonus webinar so that everyone can have the chance to ask their questions plus learn a bit more about healthy eating.  I will also share how you can continue with this program if that is something that you are interested in.

The bonus webinar will be run on Monday 19th January at 8pm to be part of the call you will need to register by clicking here.  This webinar will be recorded but you must register to get access to the replay.