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24 Ways to Work and Play Without Losing the Plot

by Angela Counsel

Mum piggybacking daughter low resWhen I was writing Secret Mum’s Business, I interviewed lots of women in business about how they do it. How they manage running a business, being a parent, wife, friend, sister and still find time for themselves.

Once the book was released and I realised I had learnt so much, I interviewed many more and recorded them as part of the Secret Mum’s Business Podcast Interview Series. Have a listen to them all here (and we add to them weekly).

Their tips are so great and practical that I thought I would pop them all into one succinct post for you.

This is their advice to you.

  1. Start before you are ready. If you wait until everything is 100% perfect, you’ll never start
  2. Accept the challenges that will appear in front of you. Learn from them and move on
  3. Let the guilt go. The guilt about being at work. The guilt about being at home. Let. It. Go
  4. Make scheduling and diary management your friend
  5. Focus on what you’re good at and delegate or outsource what you’re not
  6. Design your work around your life, not your life around your work.
  7. Drop the excuses. If you have an excuse, you’re not ready
  8. Get up early so you can achieve all that you can every day
  9. Focus and be in the moment wherever you are. Work is work. Home is home
  10. Find out what you love and do it. Everyday
  11. Slot in some exercise every day even if it’s just a walk around the block
  12. Never give up. Keep having a go and believing that you can do it
  13. Get your family on board. Communicate the what and the why of what you’re doing. You need their support
  14. Be clear on the roles and responsibilities you have in your business and personal life
  15. Let the little stuff go
  16. Focus on your marriage. Who is there once you’ve sold your business and your kids have moved out of home? Your partner
  17. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Other women, other business owners, other mums. It’s a fruitless exercise
  18. Be honest with each other and yourself
  19. Schedule in time just for you. As natural givers and nurturers we risk burning out before we give to ourselves
  20. Always keep educating yourself about business, life, health, relationships. Keep learning
  21. Prioritise what is important to you and stick to that.
  22. Say no if it isn’t right or doesn’t fit in with your work or family
  23. Ask for help if you need it. You don’t know it all. You can’t do it all and that is 100% okay
  24. Set boundaries in all areas of your life and make them non-negotiable


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