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10 things to do during self-isolation

Currently many countries around the world are facing border lock downs, self-isolation and social distancing in the effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. With all of the media attention that this virus has been getting there are many people who are feeling unsure and unsafe, this is one of the reason for all of the panic buying that has been happening. By observing the actions of these people we can see that it is not only the virus which is highly contagious, the fear is also very contagious.

Whilst the virus is highly contagious, the risk of serious illness to the majority of healthy people is minimal, but due to the risk of passing the virus on to someone who is not so healthy we are being asked to socially distance ourselves from others and some people are required to completely self-isolate for at least 14 days to stop the spread of this virus. So what can you do if you are required to stay home for this period of time and not see other people? This might be a great time to start some new health and lifestyle practices.

Stress is one of the key factors in many of the symptoms that are associated with peri-menopause and menopause. So why not use this time of self-isolation to introduce some stress reducing practices and some self-care practices? Below are my top 10 tips for what you can do if you you need to self- isolate (of course they are great things to do at anytime).

1 – Take the time to catch up on your reading
Do you have a pile of books that you keep on saying that you will read sometime. Well now is a great time to tackle the book pile. If you don’t have a pile of books to read, why not check out the Maga Woman Magazine? I created this magazine specifically for women over 45 to provide them with support and information. You can access the first 8 issues for free HERE.

2 – Listen to some podcasts
Podcasts are a great way to learn more about different topics. Regardless of what your interests are there is a podcast that covers it. If you have never listen to a podcast before go to the Apple Podcasts app on your IPhone or Spotify on Android Phone and search for the topic you are interested in and subscribe. You can listen to my podcast called Wise Women Conversations, where I have great conversations with inspiring women. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts HERE or Spotify HERE.

3 – Watch some movies or videos
Are there some videos that you have been meaning to watch but haven’t got around to yet? Now is the time to catch up on your backlog of viewing. Maybe you need some light hearted entertainment to take your mind off everything that is happening in the world. Some of my favourites are – Grace and Frankie, Heartsongs by Dolly Parton and The Goddess Project. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the “Is this Menopause?” webinar then this is a great time to learn about your hormones and how they impact your health. You can watch the webinar HERE

4 – Start a Journal
Journalling is something that I recommend to all of my clients, it helps to clear blocks and create dreams. Why not take this time to create a few dreams. Grab a journal or notebook and each day spend some time writing in it. You can start by writing down what your perfect life would look like. This might be the time to use your imagination.
Write down what having perfect health means to you, what could you do if you were in perfect health, how would you feel? Continue writing and covering topics such as – relationships, social life, your environment (where you would live), what fun things you would do, any creative things you would do, your purpose or connection to something greater than you.
Keep writing whatever comes into your mind, write as if money and time were no barrier, anything is possible. See what you can create.

5 – Tidy or Declutter your home
Use this time to declutter or tidy up your home. We are coming close to a change in season, are there clothes that you can give away to charity. This might also be a great time to give your home a really good clean (that’s if you are like me and don’t like weekly cleaning!!). Maybe you can re-arrange a few rooms, why not check out some Feng Shui techniques. have some fun with it.

6 – Learn what your personal Health Type is
Personalised health is the way of the future. Creating health programs based on your genetics means that you will get better results sooner and they will be lasting. If you would like to learn more about personalised health and what your health is, watch the video that I created HERE (watch video 2).

7 – Move Regularly
Just because you are stuck inside your house doesn’t mean you don’t need to move regularly. If you are not completely self-isolated you might be able to go for a bush walk away from other people. Or you can do some yoga practices, if you are not sure what to do then go to you tube and you will find plenty of yoga videos. Dancing to your favourite music is another way to get some movement in. My friend Natalie from Chakradance has a free download that you can get HERE to help you combine movement with meditation.

8 – Do some cooking
Being confined to your house is a great time to do some healthy cooking. Maybe try out some of those recipes that might take a bit longer to cook. You could make some sauces and meals that you can freeze for the future. If you are stuck in the house and not able to go shopping then consider ordering some of the ingredients online. Some of my favourite online places to get my healthy dry goods are Changing Habits (click HERE) and The Source Bulkfoods (click HERE). Changing Habits also has some great recipes or you can check out my Pinterest Optimal Health Recipes Board (click HERE).

9 – Make up some sugar scrubs, massage oils etc
This is a great time to focus on some self-care rituals. Why not make yourself some yummy sugar scrubs using equal quantities white sugar, olive/almond oil and some essential oils. Or a great massage oil to use after your shower – equal quantities of sweet almond oil and magnesium oil plus some essential oils – massage onto your body after your shower. There are so many easy essential oil recipes that you can create. I have written a blog on the best essential oils to help with managing stress, you can read it HERE

10 – Create some regular self-love practices
Now is a great time to create some new rituals, you might even succeed in changing some habits during this time of self- isolation. Being confined to your house doesn’t mean that you let your healthy habits go. I couple of years ago I created an ebook called “101 Acts of Self-Love” which you can get for free HERE.
Some of the acts of self-love in this ebook you won’t be able to do because they require you to go out but most of them you will be able to do. In fact I have covered most of the essential acts of Self-Love in these top tips, they are – Eat well, Move regularly, Sleep Well, Drink Water and Take Responsibility for your thoughts and actions.

So there you are, 10 things that you can do to help you to reduce your stress while you are in self-isolation. But don’t just do these things for 14 days and then stop, you deserve to feel great all of the time and the more of these tips that you follow the better you will feel.

If you would like my help in implementing some of these changes, or if you are tired of feeling like your body is out of control. Why not book in for a complimentary Discovery Call with me to have a chat about how you can start to look and feel better and most importantly take back control of your health. I work on-line so you don’t have to worry about having to leave the house. Click HERE to book a call.

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