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10 Essential Oils for Managing Stress

by Angela Counsel

10 essential oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries, used in many cultures for a variety of reasons. Treating ill-health or proactively managing good health. As we become more aware of the importance of our own wellness in this fast-paced world, essential oils have become a great tool for many busy women.

I use them all the time. If you’ve ever come to one of our events, I burn essential oils that encourage openness and honesty. And of course they make the room smell just beautiful too.

In my Secret Mums Business Podcast Interview Series, I chatted with Kim Morrison who runs Twenty8, a chemical free skincare and aromatherapy company. Kim is a huge advocate of essential oils and the role they can play in managing stress and a whole lot more. Have a listen to the interview by clicking here.

There are a range of essential oils to use for a diversity of reasons. And there are lots of ways to apply essential oils – massage, vaporisation, bathing, compressing, inhalation, footbaths and spritzer. Always follow instructions for best results.

So, let’s share a list of oils that are good for high stress living.

  • Lavender is calming and earthy and is known for balancing and relaxing both the physical and emotional bodies
  • Rose is a versatile oil that provides relief from stress, depression and menopausal symptoms
  • Vanilla soothes a busy mind and stimulates mental clarity
  • Geranium relieves tension and stress and releases negative memories
  • Jasmine is an uplifting oil that stimulates optimism and produces feelings of confidence
  • Marjoram was called ‘the herb of happiness’ by the Ancient Romans and has properties that promote sleep
  • Cedarwood is popular in yoga and meditation circles as it works well to balance the emotional system with the immune system
  • Ylang ylang is great for frustration and anger issues. It stimulates circulation and lowers blood pressure
  • Chamomile known for it’s calming, soothing and medicinal properties
  • Rosewood opens up the heart and encourages feelings of love

There are also some wonderful oil blends and combinations that smell incredible and provide additional wellness support for busy women. Remember to check with a qualified herbalist, aromatherapist, naturopath or someone skilled in this area to make sure the blends and the oils are right for you. Advice around application is always essential.

Do you use essential oils? What are you favourites?


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