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HWWB #54 – Understanding the Digital World with Tan Turner

episode-54-tan-turnerIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I chat with Tan Turner about everything technical and digital.  With many business owners struggling to come to terms with the advances in technology Tan shares some simple tips on how you can slow introduce technology in your business.

I loved this chat that we had because it took me back to my days as an IT Project Manager.  While I love technology I also find it very frustrating at times and some of the info and tips that Tan shares is brilliant.  One of the tips that Tan shared was getting a High School or Uni student to help you out if you aren’t very comfortable with technology.

Have a listen to the episode and share in the comments below what your biggest technology hurdle is.

If you want to learn more about what Tan does you can visit her website

Tan also has her own podcast called Aussie Bloggers, so why not pop over to itunes and have a listen to her.

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