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HWWB #48 – Running a business without stress Pt 1

AC Life & Business InsightsIn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise in Business I am sharing a series of videos that I created a few weeks ago.  These 4 videos are based on the content of my book Secret Mums Business but it is some updated information.  Since I have written I have continued to learn and put more things into practice and I wanted to share this updated information with everyone.

In this week’s episode I share the first 2 videos in the series.  I talk about my journey with adrenal burnout and how I turned it around to rebuild my business and my life without high levels of stress.  I also share what stress is and how it can impact all aspects of your life and business.

The second half of the episode is all about creating a values driven business.  Often when you are working so hard to build your business you can lose site of your values, or maybe you weren’t connected to them at all.  I believe that building a values based business is the foundation to being successful in business and in life.

Have a listen and share with me in the comments how re-connecting to your values has helped you in business.

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