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HWWB #38 – Angela Counsel: It’s all about time

AC Life & Business InsightsBula from Fiji. Today’s episode is all about time. There is not enough time, it is not the right time, time slips away, we teach time, we keep time, we lose time and we gain time. But what is time?

Measurement of time as we know it started with the Romans, but why did they have 60 seconds in minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and then it got interesting months had between 28 and 31 days. The lunar month goes for 28 days but the Roman month doesn’t. If I went to China time would be different again. So what is time?

In some culture’s time doesn’t even exist, so why do we in the western so-called modern society rule our lives according to time? I am currently in Fiji, where they have Fiji time which means everything will get done when it gets done, no sooner and no later.

Time causes us so much stress, we stress if we are running late. Often you judge yourself or feel judged by others if you are late. We stress when others don’t respect our time, we stress when time seems to disappear. Why is stress causing us so much stress? Time isn’t even real, it is something that was made up, yet we rule our lives with this made up thing.

So how do you live in the modern world that seems to be driven by time without it causing you stress?

You stop giving it meaning. Stop judging your worth and other people’s worth based on time. In reality there is only now. The past has gone so there is no time, the future hasn’t got here yet, so there is no time in the future. There is only now and now is the perfect time for now.

Don’t give meaning if you turn up at a function or a meeting at a specific moment of now, if this isn’t the now that you had expected there is nothing that you can do about it because now is now. Don’t let it mean that you are running late, or less than perfect because you turned up now rather than then.

Having a good time snorkelling in Fiji Angela Counsel
Snorkelling in Fiji

Have you ever notice how elastic time seems, when you are in flow and totally enjoying yourself time can seem to go in an instant, but other times when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed time can seem to slow down as you keep focusing on the past. How can something that has such a precise measurement of seconds, minutes, hours etc have such an elastic sense to it? The answer is because time doesn’t exist, there is only now and now there is no time.

So why not take a leaf out of the Fijian’s life, forget about time, live each moment in the present and know that every moment is perfect and in reality you can change or manage time, so stop stressing about it.

Share with me below what you can do to release the control that time has over you? Start with one thing, and it might be to take off your watch or to do something without worrying about whether you will be on time or not.



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