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HWWB #35 – Dr Elizabeth Celi: From Psychologist to Spiritual Healer

HWWB_Episode_18_Dr _Elizabeth_CeliOn this week’s episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise in Business Angela has a chat to Dr Elizabeth Celi, psychologist turned spiritual healer. Dr Elizabeth shares her story of how she shifted from a science based career and business to embracing her intuitive and spiritual side to become a soul reader of the Akashik Records.

Akashik Records are your spiritual purpose and once you know what your record holds you have the choice to live your real soul purpose. Angela is going to have an Akashik Reading done so that she can experience it and she will share back on this blog what she learnt.

You can learn more about what Dr Elizabeth is doing by following her on facebook.

Let us know what you think about the Akashic Readings, have you heard of them before? Have you had your records read? Do you have any questions? Please comment below.

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