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HWWB #27– Monica Brewer: It’s all about the numbers

Episode 27 - Monica BrewerOn this episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we introduce the marvelous Monica Brewer, strategic business mentor and founder of the Business Freedom Group! Today’s podcast is all about money, as Monica understands the financial side of business that many of us don’t want to think about. When we do think about our pricing, we often worry about charging too much, and frequently don’t even pay ourselves a market wage! Under-pricing our services, however, can lead to even more stress and difficulty, and can attract the “wrong” types of client for your business.

Factors to consider when figuring out the right price include your vision; where you are currently at; what you should be paid if you were the employee and room for profit. Today Monica, who recently had a client featured in an issue of The Daily Telegraph, invites you to take the steps towards finding the freedom you sought out when you first went into business.

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