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HWWB #23 – Michelle Hext: How to create and sell a high end program in 6 months

HWWB_Episode_23_Michelle_HextOn this episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we interview the magnificent Michelle Hext! With a background in martial arts, including opening a women-only tae kwon do school, Michelle has since discovered a passion for helping other female entrepreneurs develop their businesses to their full potential.

After seeing many others invest in a string of programs, and coming out with not even a website or logo, she then decided to create a new program for businesses that takes entrepreneurs from start to finish. Michelle has no space for “beige brands”, instead she asks: what are your personality quirks that make you who you are, and how can they make you attractive to your market? Tap into your own uniqueness, your own zone of genius, and be different!

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