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HWWB #22 – Danielle Storey: Business growth hacks, marketing and relationships

HWWB_Episode_22_Danielle_StoreyToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we meet the fantastic Danielle Storey, business mentor and speaker. Danielle believes in the importance of finding your “why” factor, your values and goals that fuel your motivation to achieve success in your own unique business.

Are you having trouble finding your “why” factor? Perhaps writing up a values sheet, detailing three or four of your core values, could help you to develop clarity in your goals and niche, which are two of the most essential ingredients to success. Danielle sees the key to success as building great relationships with mentors, business contacts and clients, as well as having fun and letting go of resistance to chaos. On this episode, Danielle also talks about the importance of marketing, changing the meaning of words and even chaos.

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