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HWWB #21 – Keri Norley: Women rising up and making a difference

HWWB_Episode_21_Keri_NorleyOn this episode of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we interview the amazing Keri Norley! Beginning in massage and NLP, Keri stumbled into Feng Shui after noticing that her husband’s business dramatically improved after introducing its techniques. Too often we put out mixed messages about our businesses and ourselves without even realising it, but with correct Feng Shui we can align our message and allow things to flow.

Keri also believes in the importance of manifestation; whether or not we know it, we are always manifesting, but our subconscious voices can determine its success. You have to “be” the manifestation, imagining your life as if it’s already how you want it to be, and pay attention to the signs as it begins to appear. Today, Keri also discusses shamanism, leadership and the importance of getting back in touch with our intuition.

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