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HWWB #20 – Jen Richards: Nurturing our children, through sleep therapy

HWWB_Episode_20_Jen_RichardsToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we meet the amazing Jen Richards! With a background in primary school teaching, Jen has since left the field and written children’s books, created the national health food company Rumbles Paleo and become an EFT practitioner, alongside sleep talk and matrix re-imprinting.

Now working on The Love Project, Jen aims to help each of us and our children to achieve our dreams, by first nourishing our bodies and minds. Interestingly, a major aspect of this project is a two-minute “sleep talk” tool which can help transform a child’s subconscious beliefs about themselves, as behaviour such as bedwetting and sibling rivalry often stems from negative internal beliefs. Come join us today, as Jen shares her story and discusses the importance of positivity and allowing self-expression when raising children.

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