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HWWB #15 – Leesa Melchert: Step out from behind your mask and be yourself

HWWB_Episode_15_Leesa_MelchertToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we meet the lovely stylist Leesa Melchert! Leesa loves to help women in business step in to the power of who they really are, because when you are authentic and give yourself permission to be who you are, people want to be connected with you!

Stress often stems from trying to fit a false image based on the perceived expectations of others, which is commonly a hyper-masculine, corporate image. With authenticity, stress is reduced and life can flow, rather than being a struggle.

In this episode, Leesa discusses the importance of mindset, her six-step program to create a consistent, authentic and credible image, and her work with Angela Counsel herself.


For more information on Leesa’s six-step program, Your Visual Brand Blueprint, visit





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