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HWWB #10 – Trudy Simmons: Purpose and Productivity – how to make it all happen

HWWB_Episode_10_Trudy_SimmonsToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise we meet the terrific Trudy Simmons! As a purpose and productivity coach, she hears what clients don’t say, and aims to help them get through all the rubbish to find what they really want, put it into structured plans and work on achieving their goals. Why? Many of us get caught up in what we “should” be doing, not what we really want, or hold ourselves back because of ingrained doubts and fears.

Trudy also emphasises the importance of including fun and your own individual personality in business, as far too many entrepreneurs suppress these due to fear of being seen as unprofessional. She will not let you hide any longer, it is time to be yourself and achieve your dreams!

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