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HWWB #13 – Angela Raspass: Are you ready for your next chapter?

HWWB_Episode_13_Angela_RaspassToday on Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, we meet the amazing Angela Raspass! After a career in the corporate world, and subsequent marketing consultancy, she realised that she never asked herself what she really wanted, and now supports women in their 40’s and beyond who are ready to take on the next chapter in their careers.

Angela believes that self-worth is the most important thing in business, and that while the “head” space of action and strategy are essential, so is the “heart” space of self-love and self-belief. Far too many are focused on either the “head” or “heart” space, instead of keeping a balance. In today’s episode, we also discuss marketing your way, the unnecessary “impostor” syndrome and Angela’s upcoming event, Your Next Chapter Live.



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Which inner critic is sabotaging your self-worth?



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