Business, Life & Health Breakthrough Program

This program is the whole kit and caboodle, this is for you if you need help and support in all areas of your life or if you just work better one on one.  The BHL Breakthrough Program is a holistic program that is designed to take you from stressed out to blissed out in business and in life.

This program is designed to get you unstuck in your business, life and health.  Stress and overwhelm is not only impacting your health, it is also costing you money and likely to be affecting your relationships as well.  There is a better way and it starts right here.

Your Business, Life & Health Breakthrough program follows a 7 step process


  • Get clear of what is important to you.  Create values that will work in your life and your business


  • Create a vision of what you would like your business and life to look like in the next 3-5 years


  • Create a detailed plan as to what you want to achieve for the next 6 months


  • Get your health back on track so that you feel and look great


  • Address those lifestyle habits that cause you stress.  Learn new techniques that will keep your stress under control.


  • Your thoughts are your biggest obstacle to creating the business and lifestyle that you dream of.  Let’s bust those beliefs and thoughts that are causing your stress and holding you back


  • After all of your hard work you get to celebrate with a free ticket to the next Entrepreneur’s Retreat

Program Inclusions

– an initial 2 hour strategy session (either via Skype or face to face depending on your location).  In this session you get to share exactly where you are in your business, health and lifestyle currently as well as what your dreams are for your life and business.  This will lay down the direction for your journey and prioritise where you want to focus to get the best outcome for you.

– fortnightly Skype calls where you will share what is happening for you in regards to your business, health and lifestyle, these sessions are designed to keep you on track as well as take the next step on your journey.  You will receive all the support that you require to make the changes which will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

– 6 sessions with a qualified Naturopath (optional) who will address your specific health concerns, these sessions will be conducted via Skype and will include all herb and nutrient products prescribed plus any required testing.

– ongoing email support between your skype calls

– VIP access to the next Entrepreneurs Retreat (accommodation costs not included)

This program is designed to help you to live the life that you have always dreamed of, to create a business that supports the lifestyle you want and to be the very best version of yourself.


The Business, Life and Health Breakthrough is all about nurturing your greatest asset – YOU!


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